Southern Arizona Chapter board members are nominated and elected by Chapter vote at the annual November meeting and serve a term that runs from January 1 through December 31. Chapter members volunteer their time and in turn find serving on the board to be an enriching, rewarding experience.  It is the perfect opportunity to become involved and play a vital role in the Chapter’s future.

Please contact Donald A. Mounce if you are interested in becoming a board member or have questions about a specific position.

» Board Position Descriptions

PRSA Southern Arizona Chapter 2018 Board of Directors was approved by chapter vote.

2018 Members of the Board

Immediate Past President

Carrie Gurenlian
Marketing Communications Manager
Sundt Construction
Cell: 520-404-7628




Kasey Hill
Executive Director
Greater Tucson Leadership
Work: 520-792-2250 x 141


Kathleen Brown
Brown + Associates
Cell: 303-921-1672

Membership Chair

Vanessa Ford
Director of Marketing and Communications
Humane Society of Southern Arizona



Ryan Flannagan
Nuanced Media, Inc
Cell: 520-441-3131

Digital Communications Chair

Terry Filipowicz, MA
VP, Communication and Production
Great Potential Press
Cell: 520-260-1936


APR Chair

Sheila Storm, APR
Communications Director
Pima Association of Governments
Cell: (520) 405-1181


Programs Chair 

Meredith Ford
Communications Manager
Casa de la Luz Hospice
Cell: 520-262-1761


Kimberley Hoidal, MPA
Public Relations and Communication Specialist
Sundt Construction


Higher Education Liaison and Western District Liaision

Carolyn Smith Casertano, APR
Director, Communications Strategy Planning
American Cancer Society, Inc.
Cell: 520-404-7628


IMPACT Awards Chair

Stephanie Stanley
Public Involvement Planner
Gordley Group
Cell: 405-816-1718