Micro-Moments in PR: Strategies for Mobile Communications

Check-in and Networking: 11:30 pm | Webinar: 11:45 pm | Question & Answer 12:45 pm

Join us in August for our first brown bag webinar. Bring your lunch of choice, listen to the webinar, and participate in a question & answer session with Nuanced Media’s Founder and CEO Ryan Flannagan.

Webinar description: 
91% of us pick up our smartphones to search for info when we’re in the middle of something else. And the content we discover is an opportunity for marketing and PR. This interactive session will show you how to create PR stories that reach audiences during moments of intent.

Google calls these, ‘I want to know, I want to go, I want to do, I want to buy’ moments. And they’re not alone. A study by Twitter and Facebook reported we consume content more quickly on mobile devices and underscores the importance of catching people in the moment.

PR has always been about discovery, but our primary source was media. And now micro-moments have the potential to transform the way we find news and information.

In this interactive and informative webinar, Martin Waxman explores micro-moments and mobile-first approach content. He explains why we need to look at the world from our audience’s perspective and how to create the kind of multimedia content that helps, engages and inspires people at the moment.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how micro-moments work, why they’re essential to digital PR, and how they’re reshaping mobile search and discovery.
  • Apply tips and techniques that help communications professionals better understand their audiences, and become a trusted source for content that helps people when they’re looking for info or news.
  • Develop communications strategies that integrate multimedia storytelling techniques into communications programs.

Webinar Presenter: Martin Waxman, MCM, APR, President, Martin Waxman Communications
Martin Waxman, MCM, APR, is a digital communications strategist, leads social media workshops, and conducts research on artificial intelligence. He’s the co-founder of three PR agencies, CMO of Spin Sucks, and president of a consultancy. He’s worked in the industry for 25+ years. He’s a LinkedIn Learning and Lynda.com author, one of the hosts of the Inside PR podcast, a past-chair of PRSA Counselors Academy, and past-president of CPRS Toronto. Martin developed a Certificate in Digital Strategy and Communications Management for the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies and teaches several courses there. He’s a social media and PR professor at Seneca College and regularly speaks at conferences across North America. Martin has published two books of fiction, and an ebook on multimedia storytelling, He has a Master of Communications Management from McMaster-Syracuse Universities.

Question and Answer Presenter: Ryan Flannagan, MBA, Founder and CEO at Nuanced Media

Ryan Flannagan has more than fifteen years of business development, product marketing, and operational experience. He has worked with hundreds of companies to establish best practices, focusing on the 20 percent that produces 80 percent of the revenue. He has been a lifelong entrepreneur. It all started with a pooper-scooper business at age eight, in which he employed neighborhood children to complete the scooping of poop, which his mother quickly made him shut down. During his tenure at Nuanced Media, he has built a client base that represents a total revenue of over $1.5 billion and has sold over $250,000,000 in online. To date, Nuanced Media’s biggest accomplishment has been making a client $18.5 million in a five-week period, for 5,200 percent ROI. He is happily married to his wife, Bianka, and is the proud father of their daughter Brynn. He enjoys hiking, meditation, perpetual learning, and being a strong community steward and a good friend. He received his master’s degree in business from Washburn University and his bachelor’s degree in the arts for communication and Spanish from the University of Arizona.