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You’ve got public relations experience but sometimes your recommendations fall on deaf ears or your campaign did not get the results you expected. So what’s missing? How can you improve your abilities and be a game changer among the C-suite?

Often, making that change begins with education to advance your knowledge and skills. In the field of public relations, achieving your accreditation in public relations is the tool you can use to pivot your career and take it to the next level.

Carolyn Smith Casertano, a member of PRSA Southern Arizona, became accredited in 2015. She currently is the assistant professor of practice for the University of Arizona’s Department of Communication. In a short time, she saw how accreditation makes a difference. “Having my APR certification has resulted in career promotions, new business opportunities and added credibility in my career. The personal and professional satisfaction in obtaining this coveted accreditation is unparalleled, and I highly encourage anyone eligible to invest in yourself and your career and go for your APR!”

Casertano and Michelle Olson, chair-elect for the national PRSA board of directors and a member of the Phoenix chapter of PRSA, will serve as panelists for a virtual Southern Arizona chapter meeting at 11:30 a.m. on April 28.

Olson, APR, is also managing director and partner of Lambert & Co., an integrated communication agency in Phoenix. Here’s what she has to say about the APR credential behind her name: “One of the most fulfilling parts of the accreditation process was studying for the exam. It reinforced what I thought I knew about the science of persuasion and helped me examine communications ethics in a way that I hadn’t previously. Having the APR initials after my name invokes the pride I felt in earning it 25 years ago, and reminds me daily of my duty to uphold the Code of Ethics and inspire those I work with to do the same.”

Join the chapter for an inspiring conversation with our guests, facilitated by Jan Howard, a partner of NüPOINT Marketing in Tucson, to learn more about why you will want to add APR behind your name soon to elevate your career.