Submissions for the PRSA Southern Arizona 2020 IMPACT Awards are now open!

The PRSA Southern Arizona Chapter has a long history of recognizing the outstanding efforts of public relations and communications projects across the region. For more than twenty years our annual awards program has served as a platform for celebrating the accomplishments of professionals in our community.  

So why should you apply? Here are the top 10 reasons to submit your best projects and programs:

  1. Work hard, play hard. Your hard work deserves some celebration!
  2. Spruce up the office. That shiny Award hardware brightens every room!
  3. Show off your skills. Impress your future clients and interviewers with recognition from your professional peers!
  4. Build that resume. An extra accolade never hurts when you ask for that raise!
  5. Remember the good times. Remind your clients and colleagues about your best and most successful projects!
  6. Show some love. Nominate your incredible colleagues for individual Special Awards, and let them know how much they’re appreciated!
  7. Train your team. Guide your team through the submission process and get everybody on board with the research, planning, implementation, and evaluation process!
  8. Kick the quarantine blues. Brush up on your positive talking points by telling us how awesome you are!
  9. Join the party. Winners are announced at our IMPACT Award celebration on August 25th!
  10. Lead the way. Help showcase the exceptional PR, marketing, and communications work happening in our beautiful Southern Arizona!

Submit early & save!

EARLY BIRD DEADLINE: Sunday, May 31st, 2020 (11:59 MST).

Both Members and Non-members of PRSA Southern Arizona are eligible for entry. 


Email the IMPACT Award Committee at