This year we have some modified and new entry categories. Be sure to identify the subcategory in your entry where applicable.

1. Writing

For published pieces, submit a tear sheet or editorial via PDF.

1a. Speech

1b. Op/Ed

1c. Feature Story

1d. White Paper or Technical Report


2. News Release/Public Service Announcement

A news release or PSA that results in placements and/or coverage of your news or event. Include the release or PSA and any clippings.

2a. Print (clips submitted as PDFs)

2b. Broadcast (submitted in audio file such as .mp3 or video file such as .wmv)


3. Brochure

Pamphlets, tri-folds, or other small publications designed to inform a target audience about an organization, product, service or issue. Please submit a PDF of the piece.


4. Annual Report

A publication that reports on an organization’s annual performance. Please submit a PDF of the Annual Report.

5. Media/Press Kit or Online Newsroom

Include PDFs of all materials provided to media, including news releases, video/photos and fact sheets. Please include a URL or hyperlink to an online newsroom.


6. Marketing Communications

A program designed to introduce, publicize or promote products, services or ideas. Campaigns that successfully create buzz and brand recognition.


7. Public Relations Program

An ongoing, multi-deliverable PR program designed to affect an organization’s overall relations with its publics or key elements of its publics.


8. Media Relations/Media Placement

Media relations efforts focused on gaining publicity, enhancing overall awareness, providing education/professional development or other media relations work. Must include press clippings to show the media placement.

8a. Print (clips submitted as PDFs)

8b. Broadcast (clips submitted in audio file such as mp3 or video file such as .wmv)

8c. Online (clips submitted as PDFs. May also include hyperlinks.)


9. Community Relations

A community relations or Corporate Social Responsibility program aimed at improving relations with publics or organizations in communities where the sponsoring organization has an interest, need or opportunity.


10. Special Events and Observances

One-time program of limited duration designed to generate awareness with key audiences. Includes product launches, openings, celebrations, premieres, anniversary celebrations, kick-offs or other special observances in the following areas:

10a. Corporate/Brand

10b. Government/Nonprofit


11. Government/Public Affairs Program

Campaigns or programs that communicate an organization’s position to a government entity or other public audience, or that seek to influence a defined audience or a governmental decision-making process.


12. Multicultural Communications Program

Campaigns or programs, of any kind, strategically targeted to a cultural group


13. Corporate Branding

A program using public relations tactics to support the launch of a new company or product, to rebrand a company or product or to drive greater awareness of a corporate brand.


14. Internal Communications

Programs to improve internal relations in an organization through communications tactics or programs impacting relations with employees/staff.


15. Newsletter

A publication designed, written and published periodically to provide timely information to target audiences while supporting an organization’s overall communications objectives. Please submit at least three consecutive issues.

15a. Print

15b. Electronic


16. Multi-Media Communications

A multi-media deliverable, such as a video, podcast, or webinar that entrant produced, directed and/or scripted.


17. Creative Communication

This category is for a one-time communication project such as calendars, posters, bill stuffers, logo design, etc. All the judging elements of a program are considered in this category.


18. Crisis Communications

18a. Crisis Response (Implementation of a communications strategy in response to an organizational crisis.)

18b. Crisis Plan


19. Website

19a. Internet

19b. Intranet


20. Magazines or Periodicals

Publications designed to provide in-depth information about an organization or topic on a regular basis. Entries must include two consecutive issues.

20a. Print

20b. Digital


21. Digital Communications Campaign

A strategic campaign or ongoing program utilizing one or more digital platforms or channels such as social media, websites, landing pages, e-mail, mobile, blogs/vlogs, webcasts, webinars etc. Submissions should explain why this medium was selected and demonstrate how the campaign strategy, research and execution successfully worked to reach and influence the target audiences.


22. Fund-Raising Communications (NEW!)

A campaign or event by a nonprofit organization designed to raise funding, through donations, for the organization.

22a. Event (Include all communications elements used to drive attendance and participation)

22b. Campaign or Program


23. Student Project

Undergraduate or graduate students, individually or in teams, may submit a project done for a public relations course as long as it includes a fully developed public relations project. i.e., press kit, campaign proposal, special event proposal, etc. Submissions will be judged on how well the project uses the four-step process of public relations in its development.



  • Entries scoring 35­39 points receive an IMPACT Certificate of Excellence
  • Entries scoring 40 or more points receive an IMPACT Award for Excellence
  • From the winning entries, the judges will select the coveted Best in Show, honoring the highest scoring entry.



Let us know! You can email us at or connect with the IMPACT Awards Chair, Dan Gibson, at