The majority of the work described in all entries must have occurred between June 2020 and May 2021. Both Members and Non-members of PRSA Southern Arizona are eligible for entry. 

DEADLINE (EXTENDED): Sun., July 18, 2021 (11:59 MST).


1. Entry Form

Please complete the 2021 IMPACT Award Entry Form via Google Forms at the link below*. All other entry requirements must be prepared and submitted as separate, standalone documents, and will be attached to the Entry Form prior to online submission.

*Entrants may also download and follow alternate submission instructions here.

2. Entry Summary

The Entry Summary should summarize the objective or problem addressed, the project process, and results (maximum 100 words; PDF or Document files accepted).

3. Main Submission Document

The Main Submission Document details how the submitted project or program addresses the following Four Key Elements of Public Relations (maximum 5 pages; PDF or Document files accepted).

  • Research

Identify the PR problem or opportunity your program or project is designed to address. Describe the formal or informal research methodologies utilized and any primary or secondary research conducted.

  • Planning

State the goal of your primary communication with specific, measurable objectives and describe the utilized strategies; identify primary and secondary audiences, listed in order of importance. Include available resources and limitations of budget, time, personnel, and how any limitations were mitigated or overcome.

  • Implementation

Describe the communication tactics used to support the strategic approach and meet the identified objectives. Describe any difficulties or challenges encountered, and how they were overcome.

  • Evaluation

Demonstrate how the program met its defined goals and objectives via quantitative and qualitative measures.

4. Support Materials (optional)

Support materials are strongly encouraged to illustrate the executed strategies and tactics such as work samples, photos, videos, news clippings, audio files, and PDFs of relevant collateral (maximum 10 files, up to 10MB each; PDF, Document, Spreadsheet, Audio, Video, Image, and Presentation files accepted).

Support materials from winning entries will be presented onscreen at the 2020 IMPACT Awards celebration.

5. Entry Fee (PayPal Receipt)

Locate your PRSA Southern Arizona membership category below, and click on the link to submit your entry fee via PayPal. Then save and attach your PayPal receipt to complete your entry submission (PDF, Document, or Image files accepted).


Entries will be evaluated across the Four Key Elements of Public Relations:

  1. Research (10 points)
  2. Planning (15 points)
  3. Implementation (15 points)
  4. Evaluation (10 points)

Entrants are highly encouraged to review the 2021 IMPACT Award Scoring Rubric prior to entry submission. All entries are evaluated by an independent committee from a partner PRSA chapter based elsewhere in the United States.

All entries receiving 40 or more points receive an IMPACT Award for Excellence, while entries earning a score of 35-39 points receive an IMPACT Certificate of Excellence. The highest-scoring entry among all submissions will be awarded the coveted Best in Show Award, and will be submitted to the PRSA Western District for further consideration and recognition on the regional level.


Email the IMPACT Award Committee at