Your Submission Packet for Each Entry Should Include: 

  • An Entry Summary, in PDF format, of no more than 2 pages that includes a 3-5 line abstract that summarizes the problem, solution and results
  • The main submission, which should include detailed information for each of the following Four Key Elements of Public Relations

1. Research

Identify the PR problem(s) and/or opportunity(ies) your program or tactic is designed to address, using formal or informal research methodologies

TIP: If research was not conducted because of time or budget constraints, explain this in your summary, and include the research you would have done in a “perfect world.” Sometimes research was conducted through other programs, projects, or avenues and that information is relevant to your entry submission. Be sure to discuss that information when appropriate. Points will be deducted if the research was not conducted, but if you do not address the research, no points will be awarded for your entry in this section.

2. Planning

  • Identify primary and secondary audiences and list them in order of importance
  • State primary PR goal with specific, measurable objectives and the strategies to accomplish those objectives
  • List resources available (and limitations) for budget, time, and personnel

TIP: Don’t overlook budget, even if there were no hard costs for your PR program. Staff time should also be considered when identifying the costs the costs of execution.

3. Execution

Describe the PR tactics used to support the strategies and meet the outlined objectives. Describe any difficulties encountered in terms of budget, time, personnel and how you overcame them.

4. Results/Evaluation

Demonstrate how the program or tactic met or exceeded its original, measurable objectives. Utilize quantifiable measurement methods whenever possible. Outcomes can be measured utilizing a variety of techniques such as surveys, attendance at events, informal feedback or correspondence from the audience, news coverage, etc.

  • Support Materials (optional): Submissions may include support materials that illustrate the campaign or tactic, such as work samples, photos, news clippings, audio or video files, PDFs of collateral, etc.

Additional Requirements for ALL Entries

  • Your Entry should be uploaded as one document, in PDF format. The document should be in the following order:
  • All components of a single Entry should have the same document name, clearly identifying the category of the submissions, the name of the entrant, and the name of the piece. That name should also be on the Entry Form and folder in Dropbox.
    • [Category-Number]_[Entrant-Name]_[Project-Title]
    • Sample Folder Name: 4_ABCPublicRelations_AnnualReport2015
  • All Support Materials including photos, PDF samples, audio or video files, planning documents, etc. may be uploaded as separate files from the main document and should all be in the folder for that Entry.
  • If you are entering an online submission, please include a screenshot and/or link to your submission
  • Pages should be no larger than 8 1/2″ x 11″ and font should be no smaller than a 10 point font. Margins must be a minimum of .5″ all around
  • All forms and elements must be included in the original submission.
  • All appropriate categories must be selected. Entries may be submitted in multiple categories as needed, but each entry should have a completed full submission, including entry form, summary and supporting documents.

The PRSA Southern Arizona IMPACT Awards are now completely online!

  • Submissions are easy to upload via Dropbox
  • No postage, delivery charges, or costs to produce printed materials and binders
  • Simple, easy-to-follow steps!

Submission Instructions

  • You can create a free account in Dropbox at, a file hosting service that allows you to share large files easily, for free.
  • When ready to submit your project, you log in to Dropbox and create a new folder, in your account, for your awards entry. Each entry should have its own folder that is clearly labeled to identify the category, the applicant, and the title of the project.
    • [Category-Number]_[Entrant-Name]_[Project-Title]
    • Sample Folder Name: 4_ABCPublicRelations_AnnualReport2015
  • Once you’ve created the folder for the submission:
    • Create your entry summary and save it as a PDF inside the entry folder with the same name.
    • Place all files relevant to your entry into the same folder.
  • Once the folder is complete, share that submission with the PRSA IMPACT Awards Dropbox:
  1. Right-click on the folder
  2. Select “Share this folder”
  3. A new pop up box will appear.  In the field”Invite Members to this folder” type
  4. In the “Add a message” field type a brief message about your entry.
  5. Select “Share folder.”
  6. Once you have shared files for each of your submissions via Dropbox, please send an email to to notify use that you have submitted files. We will reply with a digital confirmation for your files.
  7. Complete payment for your submissions via the PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS below

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