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Gina Babunovic
Independent Contractor Public Relations & Communications
Work Phone: (520) 780-4020
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Helen Gomez Bernard
Director of External & Alumni Relations The University of Arizona College of Humanities
Work Phone: (520) 626-4319
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Robert Kingdon Berry, APR, Fellow PRSA
Owner Kingdon – Nichols
Work Phone: (520) 820-3498
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Cheryl Ann Bishop Ph.D.
Work Phone: (520) 293-3198
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Donna Breckenridge
Director of Communications and Editorial Services American Board of Radiology
Work Phone: (520) 790-2900
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Kathleen Brown
Public Relations SCRAM Systems
Work Phone: (303) 785-7822
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Jacqueline Bucher MBA
Senior Director Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.
Work Phone: (520) 877-7288
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Carolyn Smith Casertano
Managing Director American Cancer Society
Work Phone: (520) 323-4214
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Cody Andrew Cassidy
Communications and Public Affairs University of Arizona Cancer Center
Work Phone: (520) 626-8018
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Lisa Cole
Town Clerk Town of Sahuarita
Work Phone: (520) 822-8802
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Adam Curtis
Management Support Specialist City of Sierra Vista
Work Phone: (520) 439-2210
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Nicole M. Dalrymple
Community Relations Chief at 355th Fighter Wing Davis Monthan Air Force Base, Tucson
Work Phone: (520) 228-3378
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Susan DeBenedette
Director of Communications and Marketing Tucson Jewish Community Center
Work Phone:  
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Debra Deininger
Communications Manager American Red Cross
Work Phone: (520) 230-7370
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Anne Therese Denogean
Coordinator Pima Community College
Work Phone: (520) 269-1062
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Richard Ducote
Community Relations Manager Freeport-McMoRan Sierrita
Work Phone: (520) 393-2409
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Sarah T. Evans MPA
Communications Specialist  
Work Phone: (520) 977-9354
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John A. Farlow
Communications Manager/Crisis Communications Raytheon Missile Systems
Work Phone: (520) 794-9918
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Terry Filipowicz
Vice President, Communication and Production Great Potential Press
Cell Phone: 520-260-1936
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Theresa Mary Fischer
Owner tmf marketing consulting
Work Phone: (520) 265-2659
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Ryan Flannagan
Chief Executive Officer Nuanced Media LLC
Work Phone: (520) 441-3131
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Teddi Fowler
Marketing Communications Strategist  
Work Phone: (520) 305-0600
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Robyn Frey
President/Creative Director BolchalkFrey
Work Phone: (520) 745-8221
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Dan Gibson
Director of Communications Visit Tucson
Work Phone: (520) 770-2133
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Susan Guerrero
Internal Communications The University of Arizona Health Network
Work Phone: (520) 694-6569
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Carrie Gurenlian
Public Relations Specialist Sundt Construction
Work Phone: (520) 750-4715
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Angela K. Hagen
Public Health Communications Manager Canyon Ranch Institute
Work Phone: (520) 239-8561, ext. 4219
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Sandra M. Hallenback, APR
Grant Writer  
Work Phone: (520) 240-7624
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Judy Hector
Marketing & Public Affairs Manager City of Sierra Vista
Work Phone: (520) 439-2191
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Jodi Horton, APR, Fellow PRSA
President IDEAS@WORK, Inc.
Work Phone: (520) 740-1749
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Joanne Hotchkiss
Work Phone: (907) 743-9323
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Janelle R. Howard, APR
Vice President & Partner Strongpoint Marketing
Work Phone: (520) 795-1566, ext. 223
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Libby Howell, APR
Executive Director/Media Community and Government Relations Pima Community College
Work Phone: (520) 206-4778
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Lauri L. Huff
Manager, Corporate Communications Avnet, Inc.
Work Phone:                     (520) 784-3861
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Lindsey Sue Johnson
Work Phone: 9520) 647-1836
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Richard D. Kaneen
Vice President & Partner Kaneen Advertising & Public Relations, Inc.
Work Phone: (520) 885-9009
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C J. Karamargin
District Director US Rep. Martha McSally
Work Phone: (520) 881-3588
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Donna Bockius Kreutz
Principal Donna Kreutz Public Relations Essential Words/Effective Strategies
Work Phone: (520) 721-9110
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Regina M. Little
Communications Specialist CyraCom
Work Phone: (520) 232-1655
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Roberts S. Lopez-Suter, APR
Director, Marketing & Communications Trico Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Work Phone: (520) 744-2944 ext. 1362
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Terry M. Marshall
Associate Director of Marketing & Public Relations Tucson Symphony Orchestra
Work Phone: (520) 250-5947
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James Marten
Communications Manager Community Partners, Inc.
Work Phone: (520) 784-5308
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Pilar Martinez
Director, Campus Communications The University of Arizona
Work Phone: (520) 626-4348
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Courtney McCurry
Employee and Provider Communications Specialist Community Partners, Inc.
Work Phone: (520) 318-6937
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Lou Michael Medran
Public Relations Manager Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona
Work Phone: (520) 449-8340
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Ashley Heather Mehl
Raytheon Missile Systems
Work Phone: (520) 794-5142
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Jason Miko
Director of Account Service Russell Public Communications
Work Phone: (520) 232-9840
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Susanna Minegishi
Chief Operating and Development Officer Camino Public Relations
Work Phone: (212) 255-2575
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Carlos Mogollon
Communications Specialist The University of Arizona Health Network
Work Phone: (520) 694-2411
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Trina Michelle Motto
Manager of Community Affairs Northwest Fire District
Work Phone: (520) 887-1010
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Donald A. Mounce, APR
Owner D. A. Mounce & Associates
Work Phone: (520) 625-5141
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Jennifer Powers Murphy
Public Relations Specialist  
Work Phone: (520) 304-9532
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Elaine R. Nathanson, APR, Fellow PRSA
Work Phone: (520) 490-9889
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Morgan O’Crotty
Marketing and Communications Administrator Community Foundation for Southern Arizona
Work Phone: (520) 770-0800
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Pamela J. Powers
Managing Editor American Journal of Medicine
Work Phone: (520) 207-9415
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Lew Riggs Ed.D., APR
Work Phone: (520) 529-3608
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Mary H. Rowley MBA, APR
Founder & CEO Strongpoint Marketing
Work Phone: (520) 795-1566
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Matthew W. Russell
President/CEO Russell Public Communications
Work Phone: (520) 232-9840
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Kimberly Schmitz
Owner/Consultant Spur Public Relations, LLC
Work Phone: (520) 247-5778
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Paul G. Schwalbach
Public Information Officer Pima Community College
Work Phone: (520) 206-4850
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Amy Sharpe
Work Phone: (520) 275-4360
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Judith Simmons
Marketing Manager Goodwill of Southern Arizona
Work Phone: (520) 623-5174, ext. 1157
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Barbara Mellman Skinner
PR Consultant Outdoor Ink
Work Phone: (520) 743-5222
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Stephanie Smith
Assistant Professor Virginia Tech
Work Phone: (847) 691-6242
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Jessica A. Stephens
Director of Communications & Public Relations Visit Tucson
Work Phone: (520) 770-2143
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J. Nicole Stewart
Public Relations Coordinator Raytheon Missile Systems
Work Phone: (520) 437-1975
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Jamila Stewart
Public Relations Coordinator Pima Community College
Work Phone: (520) 206-4564
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Lori Stofft
Dean, Public Relations and Marketing Arizona Western College
Work Phone: (928) 314-9595
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Sheila S. Storm, APR
Communications Director Pima Association of Governments
Work Phone: (520) 792-1093
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Evan S.K. Sullivan, APR
Director of Public Relations Strongpoint Marketing
Work Phone: (520) 795-1566
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Gregory Allen Taylor
Regional Vice President, Community Affairs Cenpatico Integrated Care
Work Phone: (520) 809-6421
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Stefanie Teller
Corporate Director of Marketing Sundt Construction, Inc.
Work Phone: (520) 750-4611
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Amanda M. Thomas
Marketing Specialist Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona
Work Phone: (520) 623-5174 ext. 1117
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Jessa B. Turner
Senior Manager for Communications Tech Parks Arizona
Work Phone: (520) 382-2485
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Valerie Lynn Vinyard
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Eileen Walker
Work Phone: (520) 529-2521
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Linda Welter, APR
CEO Caliber Group, Inc.
Work Phone: (520) 795-4500
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Adina Ruth Wingate
Director of Marketing and Public Relations Pima Council on Aging
Work Phone: (520) 258-5067
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